• Facial hair is an inexpensive and a cool way to change your style, highlight or hide a certain facial feature.
  • Naturally, earlobes of newborn babies are small.
  • In case you did not know, babies’ shoes are perhaps more crucial than they are for adults as children are still growing and developing and somehow lack coordination.

Various Ways To Enhance Your Bust As A Celebrity


Every celebrity has a dream of improving her appearance in many forms. Some are more concerned with their facial features while others take more interest in other parts of the body mostly bust size. If you feel it’s high time you move to cup D bust size, there exists quite a number of ways to achieve your desire. Unknown to many, the blown away tour was rocked by celebrities who are cautious about their bodies making it one of the most fashionable shows to date. Here are some of the ways to make your bust look good as a music celebrity;

Various ways to enhance your bust as a celebrity

Breast workout

gffgfdgfdgfdgfdgThere exist different forms of exercise to help you enhance your breasts and become more fit and lean at the same time. An example is the dumbbell bench press where you lie on your back and lift dumbbells one in each hand with your arms in a straight position, then followed by lowering the dumbbells close to your chest. Start all over again by lifting your arms. Other examples are the inclined dumbbell bench press and dumbbell fly just to mention a few.

Eating healthy

Most women would prefer this method as it’s the most natural way to boost their breasts. However, there are specific foods that can help you achieve this dream. They are mostly estrogen- rich foods. They help stimulate your breast to increase in size and ensure testosterone hormones are controlled. A few examples are yogurt, sesame seeds, soybeans, flaxseeds and whole grains.

Enhancement pills and creams

This is another natural and less risky way to improve your bust size. This is due to the fact that these pills and creams are made of herbs and plants naturally found in the environment. Some of the herbs constituting the ingredients are fenugreek, ginseng, wild yams, and fennel seeds among others. However, do extensive research on brands available and only go for trustworthy manufacturers with a positive review from previous customers.

Breast massaging

fdgdfgfdgfdgfdgfgMost women are unaware of their breast unless they are in the bathroom or accidentally touch them when dressing up. This also means they are never included when it comes to body massage. If that is the case, then it’s high time you do it. All you need is at least 20 minutes a day to help stimulate breast growth through massage. Examples of massages to do are the chi massage and the skin brushing massage.

Tips To Finding The Best Corded Trimmers

When buying trimmers for your grooming, you need to make sure that you buy the best in the market. This is the only way that you will be able to acquire that perfect look that most men desire to have. It will also help you to get the value of your money. However, it is good to take note of the fact that nothing good comes on the silver platter easily. This, therefore, implies that for you to find the best corded trimmers, the are some of the things that you need to do.

Finding the best beard trimmers

For you to find a good beard trimmer, you need to do a comprehensive research. First, you need to find out what are the several brands that are in the market. Once you do that, the next thing is to compare them. Some of the things that you will use to compare them include the battery life, motor speeds, and many others. You can also get advice from those people who have used these machines before. They are in a better position of telling you the extra specific benefits that are associated with each one of them.

Things to look for

There are several things that you need to consider when looking for the best trimmers in the market. Some of them include portability, brand, settings, and many others. This article deeply explores some of those factors in detail.


When it comes to deciding on what trimmers to buy, you need to first understand yourself. For instance, if you are the man who likes traveling a lot, then it will be good if you buy a machine that you can easily travel with. This, therefore, means that the trimmer needs to have a reliable battery that can last for a considerable length of time.


Another important thing that you also need to consider is the brand. There are some essential features that are not found in some brand. One of the ways that you can use to tell if the brand is the best is looking at its popularity. A quality brand will always have many subscribers. One thing that you need to understand is that people will not like something that is no good for one reason or the other. To precise, it is good to buy your corded trimmers from reputable brands if you need quality products.

Top Makeup Tips For Women


Ladies and makeups are one. In the current world men also use light makeup depending on the career. However, the subject today is various makeup tips for ladies. It will help them to stand out more and avoid avoidable makeup mistakes. Those ladies wondering what is the best eyeliner for waterline will have answers with these tips. Additionally, they will help the ladies to use the makeups the right way.

Top makeup tips for ladies

Concealers and foundation

dfgfdgdfgdfhgfhfghThey are the main makeups for the face. Concealers contribute to hiding any blemishes on the face skin. However, ladies should never do too much of it as it will look plastic. Again the concealer should look exactly like the skin to look natural. Foundations are lighter and make the skin tone even. Never use foundations to play the role of concealers as they will exaggerate the fault. Again do not use either of these two makeups as the base for eye makeup as it will look overdone.

Lipsticks and lip gloss

Lips are prone to drying and cracking if ladies use cheap quality products. Therefore, the first tip is to buy the original product. Designer products are usually legit and of high quality. The oils based lips makeup keep them moisturized throughout the day. If one makes the lips dry, one should quit using immediately. When using a new product, do a trial on the day you are indoors to avoid any disappointments in public.

Eye makeups

Eyes have many different types of makeups one can use. They range from mascara, eye liners, eye colors and eye shadows just to mention but a few. A knowledge of when to apply what is very crucial. Evening outs get along well eyeliners that are glossy to glitter on evening lights. The work makeup may include light and near natural colors for one to look professional. While applying the eye makeup, move as close to the mirror as possible. It will help top make even lines and avoid missing the target.

Nail polish

gdfgdfgdfgdfgdAs a woman, nail polish defines who you are. While applying the polish, let an expert do it for an even look and advise on the best colors. Again, never use different colors on fingernails or toenails. While applying, make sure that there is an undercoat to protect the nails and help the polish to stick for long. Do not use the artificial finger nails if your work is too manual. They will keep coming off.

What Age Is Appropriate For A Child To Get Their Ears Pierced

Embellishing one’s body is not anything new. It is as old as we are. Most of us want to be attractive, and adorning our bodies is one of the ways of ensuring that we are attractive. Ears are probably the first place to be poked as we try to adorn our bodies. Mothers and their babies too will want to have their ears pierced for them to start decorating them beautifully.

The right time to pierce her ears

Let her immunity develop

Naturally, earlobes of newborn babies are small. This increases the likelihood of misplaced piercings and infections. That is why according to experts, it is good to wait until the child attains at least an age of 6 years, as their immune system will have developed somehow.

Let her take part in the decision making

If you want your baby to be involved in deciding whether to pierce or not, it is good to wait until she can do so. At least when she is ten years is a good idea. Remember, the older she is, the more informed decision you two will make. It is even more likely that she will take good care of her ears and studs when she is older.

Where to go and how to reduce pain

You need to visit a reputable dermatologist or pediatrician to ensure that it is the safest and cleanest procedure ever. On the part of reducing the pain felt, it is important to note that an anesthetic shot would be more painful that the piercing itself- that is why painkillers are not mostly used. Your pediatrician can opt to apply ice on her ear twenty minutes before piercing, to ease the sensation but sometimes the ice may cause some discomfort.

Materials to use

Consider using surgical stainless steel as fewer reactions have been noted. Avoid metals that cause irritation to her. How long you let her wear the first earing is after she has healed completely, and that would be after at least six weeks.

Care needed

Keep your baby’s earrings and ears clean by washing them with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide-soaked on a cotton ball. Occasionally, slide and turn the earrings gently to maintain the shape of the holes. Do not remove them, until you are ready to replace them with new studs, as this would make them close. Also of importance, be keen to note any signs of infections.

Tips On Buying Boys’ Shoes

In case you did not know, babies’ shoes are perhaps more crucial than they are for adults as children are still growing and developing and somehow lack coordination. When it comes to boys – who are rougher and tougher on their shoes than girls, you need to buy shoes that can withstand their demand and protect them against repeated movements such as running and jumping. As much as you want to give your boy what he likes, you need to be sure that it’s the best shoe for him. Not only because he loves it, but also because it is healthy for him.

Here are guiding tips on buying boys’ shoes

Decide on the type of shoes your boy wants

Are you looking for casual, athletic, or dressing shoes? Determine which type of shoes he wants before going to the shop and picking any shoes that come your way. This way, you will know the shoe characteristics to look for. For instance, if he wants athletic shoes, consider their arch and heels support and how stable they are for his ankles.

Shoe soles should be flexible and gripping

The fact that boys are playful requires you to ensure that their soles are neither smooth nor stiff. Smooth soles may make them sort of slippery while stiff soles are not flexible enough for the boy to play around. It is, therefore, advisable to go for gripping and flexible soles.

Consider fabrics that are soft

Shoe fabric should be soft. Soft material means that the shoe won’t be tight around his foot.

Get the right size of your boy’s feet

Only in rare cases will you hear your boy verbalize that their shoes are too tight and their toes are being pinched. What will tell you are the bruises on their toes and them refusing to put on shoes. This requires you to always confirm his feet size before fitting and buying the shoe.

Too big shoes? A big no!

Just because he is growing up, don’t go picking a size that is three times bigger than his. They may make him trip causing him injuries.

Shoes to be worn with socks should be tried on with socks on

This ensures that you accommodate both his feet and socks in the shoe. Therefore, he will not have blisters caused by too much friction between his toes and socks that were never catered for when buying the shoes.

Consider the breathability of the shoes

Baby boys and everyone, in general, requires shoes that provide breathability. Leather shoes, canvas and any other kind that allows more flow of air are recommendable. Avoid plastic shoes as they don’t allow breathability to your boy’s feet. Remember, the more breathable the material is, the more flexible the shoe will be.