Tips On Buying Boys’ Shoes

In case you did not know, babies’ shoes are perhaps more crucial than they are for adults as children are still growing and developing and somehow lack coordination. When it comes to boys – who are rougher and tougher on their shoes than girls, you need to buy shoes that can withstand their demand and protect them against repeated movements such as running and jumping. As much as you want to give your boy what he likes, you need to be sure that it’s the best shoe for him. Not only because he loves it, but also because it is healthy for him.

Here are guiding tips on buying boys’ shoes

Decide on the type of shoes your boy wants

Are you looking for casual, athletic, or dressing shoes? Determine which type of shoes he wants before going to the shop and picking any shoes that come your way. This way, you will know the shoe characteristics to look for. For instance, if he wants athletic shoes, consider their arch and heels support and how stable they are for his ankles.

Shoe soles should be flexible and gripping

The fact that boys are playful requires you to ensure that their soles are neither smooth nor stiff. Smooth soles may make them sort of slippery while stiff soles are not flexible enough for the boy to play around. It is, therefore, advisable to go for gripping and flexible soles.

Consider fabrics that are soft

Shoe fabric should be soft. Soft material means that the shoe won’t be tight around his foot.

Get the right size of your boy’s feet

Only in rare cases will you hear your boy verbalize that their shoes are too tight and their toes are being pinched. What will tell you are the bruises on their toes and them refusing to put on shoes. This requires you to always confirm his feet size before fitting and buying the shoe.

Too big shoes? A big no!

Just because he is growing up, don’t go picking a size that is three times bigger than his. They may make him trip causing him injuries.

Shoes to be worn with socks should be tried on with socks on

This ensures that you accommodate both his feet and socks in the shoe. Therefore, he will not have blisters caused by too much friction between his toes and socks that were never catered for when buying the shoes.

Consider the breathability of the shoes

Baby boys and everyone, in general, requires shoes that provide breathability. Leather shoes, canvas and any other kind that allows more flow of air are recommendable. Avoid plastic shoes as they don’t allow breathability to your boy’s feet. Remember, the more breathable the material is, the more flexible the shoe will be.