Facial hair is an inexpensive and a cool way to change your style, highlight or hide a certain facial feature. All you require is to find a beard style and a mustache style that fits the shape of your face and give yourself a quality shave each morning.

Guide on how to give yourself a quality shave


Though most people overlook this step, it is equally as important as the following steps. It is necessary for a smooth shave, as it cleanses the skin and opens its pores. Before shaving, take a hot shower or clean the area to be shaved with a hot towel. Apply a quality shave cream which is glycerin based. Use a shaving brush to apply the cream in a circular manner. This helps to produce a better foam and slowly exfoliates the skin. Avoid menthol based creams as they will only stiffen the beard and mustache and close the pores.


With proper preparation and a good blade in place, you can produce a close, comfortable shave. This eliminates cases of razor burns and ingrown hairs which are caused by dull blades and poor lubrication. Tautly hold the area of skin requiring the shave and slowly glide your razor over your face. Follow the grain to shave, do not apply pressure and frequently rinse your blade. For a finer shave, re-lather and shave gently against the grain.

Mend and protect

After shaving, a cold water rinse is required to close the pores. Dry up the area with a soft cloth and slowly rub a good aftershave balm on it. Go for a balm that enhances healing and leaves your skin moisturized. Avoid using alcohol based products as they can only leave the skin drier.

Beard and mustache care

A well-taken care beard and mustache improves your appearance and makes you impress your audience. It shows that you took some time to look good and that you value your image and appearance.

How to care for your beard and mustache

  • Clean them regularly. Be sure to use the specifically designed wash products and condition for beards and mustaches.
  • If your mustache or beard is coarse or prickly, use a good treatment regularly to heal it.
  • If you want to fit nicely in the fashion and business world, go for a neat short mustache. Letting it go beyond the upper lip is going to appear messy. Use a mustache comb and a pair of mustache shaving scissors to keep your mustache well-trimmed.
  • Your beard needs to be washed with mild shampoo regularly and trimming needs to be done on a dry beard. Trimming wet beard may result to you trimming too much because wet hair seems longer. A cordless beard trimmer is preferred to a corded one since it produces more convenient results. Proper lighting and a mirror are needed to trim your beard least you will not like the scary results of trimming in a poorly lit place.