Various Ways To Enhance Your Bust As A Celebrity


Every celebrity has a dream of improving her appearance in many forms. Some are more concerned with their facial features while others take more interest in other parts of the body mostly bust size. If you feel it’s high time you move to cup D bust size, there exists quite a number of ways to achieve your desire. Unknown to many, the blown away tour was rocked by celebrities who are cautious about their bodies making it one of the most fashionable shows to date. Here are some of the ways to make your bust look good as a music celebrity;

Various ways to enhance your bust as a celebrity

Breast workout

gffgfdgfdgfdgfdgThere exist different forms of exercise to help you enhance your breasts and become more fit and lean at the same time. An example is the dumbbell bench press where you lie on your back and lift dumbbells one in each hand with your arms in a straight position, then followed by lowering the dumbbells close to your chest. Start all over again by lifting your arms. Other examples are the inclined dumbbell bench press and dumbbell fly just to mention a few.

Eating healthy

Most women would prefer this method as it’s the most natural way to boost their breasts. However, there are specific foods that can help you achieve this dream. They are mostly estrogen- rich foods. They help stimulate your breast to increase in size and ensure testosterone hormones are controlled. A few examples are yogurt, sesame seeds, soybeans, flaxseeds and whole grains.

Enhancement pills and creams

This is another natural and less risky way to improve your bust size. This is due to the fact that these pills and creams are made of herbs and plants naturally found in the environment. Some of the herbs constituting the ingredients are fenugreek, ginseng, wild yams, and fennel seeds among others. However, do extensive research on brands available and only go for trustworthy manufacturers with a positive review from previous customers.

Breast massaging

fdgdfgfdgfdgfdgfgMost women are unaware of their breast unless they are in the bathroom or accidentally touch them when dressing up. This also means they are never included when it comes to body massage. If that is the case, then it’s high time you do it. All you need is at least 20 minutes a day to help stimulate breast growth through massage. Examples of massages to do are the chi massage and the skin brushing massage.

Top Makeup Tips For Women


Ladies and makeups are one. In the current world men also use light makeup depending on the career. However, the subject today is various makeup tips for ladies. It will help them to stand out more and avoid avoidable makeup mistakes. Those ladies wondering what is the best eyeliner for waterline will have answers with these tips. Additionally, they will help the ladies to use the makeups the right way.

Top makeup tips for ladies

Concealers and foundation

dfgfdgdfgdfhgfhfghThey are the main makeups for the face. Concealers contribute to hiding any blemishes on the face skin. However, ladies should never do too much of it as it will look plastic. Again the concealer should look exactly like the skin to look natural. Foundations are lighter and make the skin tone even. Never use foundations to play the role of concealers as they will exaggerate the fault. Again do not use either of these two makeups as the base for eye makeup as it will look overdone.

Lipsticks and lip gloss

Lips are prone to drying and cracking if ladies use cheap quality products. Therefore, the first tip is to buy the original product. Designer products are usually legit and of high quality. The oils based lips makeup keep them moisturized throughout the day. If one makes the lips dry, one should quit using immediately. When using a new product, do a trial on the day you are indoors to avoid any disappointments in public.

Eye makeups

Eyes have many different types of makeups one can use. They range from mascara, eye liners, eye colors and eye shadows just to mention but a few. A knowledge of when to apply what is very crucial. Evening outs get along well eyeliners that are glossy to glitter on evening lights. The work makeup may include light and near natural colors for one to look professional. While applying the eye makeup, move as close to the mirror as possible. It will help top make even lines and avoid missing the target.

Nail polish

gdfgdfgdfgdfgdAs a woman, nail polish defines who you are. While applying the polish, let an expert do it for an even look and advise on the best colors. Again, never use different colors on fingernails or toenails. While applying, make sure that there is an undercoat to protect the nails and help the polish to stick for long. Do not use the artificial finger nails if your work is too manual. They will keep coming off.